05 January 2012

Nuttin' much to say

Today is my Friday. Tomorrow is Loppiainen (Epiphany) and being that this is a mostly Lutheran country, we get the day off! Or at least when I had to work it last year, I got holiday pay. Hah! I'm truly thankful this was only a 4 day work week for us. I've just been so tired. I've even managed to get to bed earlier than normal (in bed around 9:30 or 10 and asleep by 11-ish), which shows just how tired I am. It sure has helped with surviving the day at work. And tonight, I'll go to bed whenever, because I can sleep in!!!

Mr Siili survived his first week of work. I don't think he's too impressed yet, but I hope once he gets his computer and what-not set up and actually starts doing real work that things will be better. The apartment hasn't been getting too much dirtier now that he is at work all day, but it isn't getting any cleaner either because I'm too tired to do anything when we are home. There's always the weekend.

Mr Siili met me at the food store, we bought food and then walked home. He started some dishes, I started dinner and  we both finished making dinner together. The spaghetti and sauce with broccoli on the side was yummy!! I know we're both feeling much better now. I'm thinking I should get myself some ice cream too. Maybe with some peanut butter mixed in or some frozen strawberries.. Decisions, decisions.

I've been enjoying the comments that have been left for my last post about progesterone. The comments have been insightful and fun. Who would have thunk (yes, I porpoisely wrote that) that there are so many different instructions on how progesterone is taken? I guess I should have known already, as every other aspect of TTC, IF and ART are different depending on your country, clinic and even on down to the doctor.

I think I'll sign off here and go read some Creme de la Creme 2011 posts for a while. I'm #18 on the list. If you haven't submitted yours yet, you have until tomorrow (Jan 6th). So get cracking!