05 October 2011

FET is a go!

As I was on my way to the chiro this morning, I got a call from the clinic. They called me! (That isn't so common here, at least not for me.) The lady told me that she has good news: my embryo survived thawing. I have no idea how many cells it is or any other details, but I don't really care at the moment.
I am now in the waiting room with a full bladder. I'll update this after the transfer and I go pee.

The transfer went well. My 8-cell embryo didn't lose any cells during the thaw! Woohoo! It's a great start already. *big grin*

My bladder was sufficiently full. I've actually never had any problems with that, even the time I forgot to have a full bladder and madly drank water while waiting for my turn. The catheter-thing to direct the embryo to my uterine lining was not pleasant at all this time! It's never "nice", but this time it really pinched and was painful. But once the doctor got it into place though, it wasn't as bad, just a constant pinch and nothing I couldn't handle for the short amount of time. I was in (the procedure room) and out in about 10 minutes.

Now it's just time to wait to test in 2 weeks. I am really going to try and hold off on testing. LOL. Let's see how I feel closer to the date.

If this doesn't result in a BFP, I'll start a long protocol IVF #3 with ICSI at the beginning of November.