28 October 2011

End of ICLW and the work week

Friday is finally here! Saying "finally" makes it sound as if this has been a long week, when in reality, the days (and weeks) sure do seem to go by quite fast. I mean, it has been a bit busy at work this week, but still, it seems strange that Friday is here already.

-On Monday and Tuesday, we had internal auditing. Joy, oh, joy. I went to the gym for BodyBalance and BodyCombat.

-Tuesday I called the doctor to get a UTI prescription. (I think the meds are helping, but I still have pain every once in a while.)

-Wednesday, we had a going away lunch for a guy at work. His last day is Friday. I could say I'll be sad to see him go, but honestly this guy bugs the living day lights out of me. It isn't really so much of what he does or what he says, but just him. The whole package of himself. It will be different with him not there.

-Thursday, I went in to work a bit late because I needed to head to the bank in the morning. Banks are only open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm. Do you know how hard it is to get to the bank when you work? Sure, I can take time off, but often times the banks want you to do your business at the branch you opened your account at. Thankfully it only took me 20 min to withdraw money from one account (that no longer has net access, I didn't want to be charged the monthly fees), walk across the street to the other bank and deposit my money there. And I only had to wait 2 min for the bus to show up. Yay!

-Today, not much in the way of plans. I really should go to the gym today. We'll see if I'm still feeling UTI-ish or not.

-Saturday I have a costume part to attend. I'm not sure if I'll dress up as a black cat or fallen angel.
What do you think? Which one should I dress up as?
ICLW is wrapping up today. I haven't been the bestest about commenting this month, but I have posted most of the required amounts. I wonder if that is why I haven't received so many comments this week? In any case, just because ICLW is over, I don't stop commenting.

I hope your ICLW has been a good one. Did you find any new blogs to follow? Learn something new?
edited to add: I called the doctor because I was/am still feeling UTI-ish. He's called in a prescription for me and I'll pick it up after work.