21 October 2011

Oh For Fucks Sake Friday - Oct 21st

Sarah over at Dear Baby G has started FFS Fridays. And being that "For Fucks Sake" is my favorite swear word-combo, I just had to join in.

Without further ado, here are some things that have chapped my hide this week.

- Spotting. Do I need to really explain this one? Anyone who is TTC doesn't want to see this! Yet, it seems to happen month in and month out. I hate spotting. FFS

- I thought maybe the BFN late Friday night was too early to test, so I tested again Sunday night, with the same results. FFS

- I'm stupid-upset-raging-crying-hormonal and Mr Siili sees fit to pay more attention to his game Eve Online than me on Tuesday evening. So, I cried. And when I started crying, I thought about my mom, and how I still wasn't pregnant and how I hate my life and and and... FFS

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein
- Yup, that's why I tested a 3rd time Wednesday morning. As if the first two BFN weren't enough. FFS

- I get to work Wednes-morning and AF arrived in full force with vengeance and bad cramps. Not sure what I did to deserve that, but it happened. This day just wasn't being nice to me. After lunch I was hunched over my desk in pain, the big boss walked by and asked how I was. I told her "in pain because of cramps" and started crying. I cried in her office for a while, but at least I felt a bit better afterward. FFS

- I was so busy getting ready for work this morning and thinking about my friend's cats that I need to check on before work that I forgot to put my rings on!! I never forget to put my rings on! My fingers are now naked for the day. FFS

- I also forgot my work keys at home and had to return and get them after taking care of the cats. So, I was later at work that I wanted to be. FFS

So, what are your FFS Friday gripes?

Dear Baby G