07 October 2011

Flea market stuff

I'm a pack-rat. I've been a pack-rat all my life, so my mom has told me so. I've never denied it either. I like to keep things for the memories attached to them. I also like shiny little things with which I just might need for that craft project some day down the road. However, I have learned to curb my desire and the necessity for junk I might need, or not, someday. For the most part these days, I do pretty good about passing it all up, mostly. I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of the pack-rat tendencies fully, but I am definitely much better than when I was younger.

In my desire to get rid of a bunch of the stuff I don't need around our house, I've been collecting it in our downstairs storage area for the last, oooh...5 or so years. This summer I brought it all back up stairs and into our kitchen with the intent of taking it to a tailgate sale or an outdoor summer flea market, but I never got my lazy butt in gear and now summer is over and it just isn't feasible to try that outside. I also thought about taking all our junk to an indoor flea market, where someone owns the store and individuals just rent a space for a week or two. After a lot of wishy-washy indecision on my part, I finally decided last weekend that I just can't be bothered with that either. So, next Saturday (tomorrow) I am going to take all of the stuff that we've I've gathered over the years to either UFF or The Salvation Army.

Most all of this stuff I am more than happy to get rid of. I haven't used it in years and I am very sure I won't be using it again. Mr Siili will also be happy that I've finally gotten rid of some stuff. Especially now that it has been sitting in our kitchen this entire summer. *big grin* It will also feel great to be lighter (with less junk) and fully have my kitchen back. But, there are a few things I'm having troubles parting with. There are some jeans that are BRAND new! Seriously. Mr Siili bought some jeans (from the US) and then once we got home (in Finland) decided he didn't like how they fit and he wasn't going to wear them. There has got to be somewhere I can take them to get a bit of money out of them. There is also some pants and jackets that my mom and stepmom made for me one year for xmas. I helped choose the material and patterns and they made them. I unfortunately, just never really wore them. Even before my mom died, I was having a hard time with the thought of getting rid of them. But now that she is gone, it's even harder. What do I do with them?! Logically, I know I don't want to keep them, but sentimentally I'm having a hard time with it.