25 October 2011

little christmas dress, new winter tires and sex

What do the three of these items have in common? They are things that pertained to my weekend.

First, 'little christmas' in Finnish is pikkujoulu and it is what all the holiday parties are called before xmas. My work has their pikkujoulu mid-November and I was just planning on wearing the same little black dress that I wore last year, except I'd change the belt and tights. And if I didn't feel like wearing that, I always have the black floor length skirt from my wedding dress. But I'd need to find a top for it. I was in major luck on Saturday though. I went to the near by second had store (as if I really needed to be going there when I'd just managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff, that is besides the point) and found a very cute and stylish black dress for 1€. That's right, one euro for a cute dress and it fits!
Fall is here (that's an understatement) and winter is just around the corner. (It's surprising that we haven't had any snow here yet.) As such, winter tires are going to be needed very soon. That's all find and dandy, except my spare set of tires have always been stored at my in-laws, which is 1,5 hours away. And when it is poor road conditions, one doesn't want to drive with the wrong type of tires. Also, this year I needed new winter tires. I've never bought tires before and had/have no clue what is good or bad. I asked my father in-law what he recommended and he said he'd look and get back to me. He came back with a deal of 300€ for a full set of new(ly refurbished) tires plus the mounting and balancing on the rims. When I asked him where this deal was at, he said in his town, but that he'd get them all set up for me. How sweet is that?!?! So, anyway, I set up a time with my mother-in-law to show up on Sunday afternoon to get my tires swapped from summer to winter. I even changed the tires myself, with only a bit of guy muscle. Thank you Mr Siili and Father-in-Law! I'll have to get the pictures to prove it uploaded soon.

What I didn't mention, especially to Mr Siili, was that the front driver tire that got punctured by a screw this summer hasn't been holding its pressure to well lately. Hence another reason I was so eager to get my tires swapped. Also, Lydia is my car and my responsibility and Mr Siili wants nothing to do with it, but if he has to do something with it, I never hear the end of it. So, I knew that by getting new tires (without his help or knowledge), setting up to get them swapped (even though he did come for the journey and helped. I love him!) would get me brownie points. *big grin* And it was only as we were changing the tires, that I told his father about the leaky tire. *bigger grin* I'll be buying new summer tires come spring...
And the 3rd item on my list is sex. TTC our first kid for 3 years sure can take the sexiness out of sex at times. I know that around the 1,5 or 2 year marker Mr Siili did get quite upset and told me that at times he felt like I only wanted to have sex with him when it was time to try for a baby. While on some levels that was true, I didn't like it. Mr Siili and I have almost always had a great sex life. I decided that I'd make the effort to engage in playfulness, flirting and sex with my husband outside of the times when it was potentially possible to get pregnant. I also felt that once we started doing IF treatments, the times of "when" we could get pregnant were quite clearly defined, so we had all of the other times to play. It's still difficult at times to make sex what it used to be and what we want it to be, but all the hard work definitely pays off. *wicked grin*

All in all, it was a good weekend!