19 October 2011

CD1 with the Witch of the West

Today marks CD1 of Cycle #41.

I've had telltale signs that the Witch of the West (AF) was on her way since last Friday or Saturday, but she didn't show up until today. And man oh man was she Wicked! AF arrived mid-morning and by lunch time I was all but doubled over in pain. I took 2 pain killers after lunch and sat at my desk hunched over trying to get some work done. I know I looked miserable, as I had all day, but my big boss walked by and asked if I was ok. I whisper-talked and said I had cramps and that I was in pain, a lot of pain and then I started crying. She asked me into her office (which is conveniently behind my desk) and there I cried more and we talked. I do have to say that after a big hug, some more crying and talking I have felt better the rest of the day. Not 100% better, but better than I was before it all. The pain killers finally kicked in too!

I know I've been quite hormonal these last few days. It hasn't been pleasant waiting for the Wicked Witch to make her appearance. After testing late Friday night and again on Sunday night, both BFN, I knew for sure she was on her way. I also was stupid enough to waste a 3rd test this morning, because AF hadn't shown, just yet. The only comfort I have in testing was that they were dollar store cheapies from the US instead of the more expensive ones from Finland.
I called the clinic to set up my next appointment to get IVF round #3 started. I believe we will be doing a long protocol cycle (antagonist?) and retrieval/transfer will be week 50 (the week before xmas). I'll be seeing the doctors next time in 2 weeks from now at the beginning of November. Let's see what happens.
In other news, I decided this last week that I need to get back into the habit of going to the gym again. I've been so lazy the last several months (4 months or so) and I think it shows. I don't like the little tummy pouch and love handles that I have at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm overweight or fat, but I definitely could be more trim and fit. Losing a couple of kilos or centimeters from the waist in the process would be great. I know it is possible to get my tummy into the shape I want and enough to see the muscles move when I flex a bit or do a belly roll/side twist-stretch.

To help me with going to the gym more and also so I don't have an excuse to not go to the gym as often, I've asked Mr Siili if he would take a more active in food shopping and preparation. Quite often when I go to the gym, I don't have time to go food shopping before the stores close. And if we don't have food, I feel the need to go food shopping before the gym and I then lose out on the gym. So, if Mr Siili will help me, I can go to the gym more! Mr Siili will also benefit by my hard work too as I know he liked it when my tummy was in a better shape. Me too!
A good think that happened today was our work team event. We went to dinner at the Wild Boar and then glow-in-the-dark bowling. It was a lot of laughs with a good group of people. I also drank 2 ciders! Yes, I had alcohol! And no one said a thing about me having a drink (I guess it is usually when a woman doesn't drink that it gets questions though, eh?), although I am sure my former Team Leader knew what was up. It definitely was a good evening and let me forget my worries and hormones for awhile.