03 June 2011

Rhubarb season

I love sour and tangy things. I eat the lemon wedges they give you in restaurants for your iced tea or fish. I used to beg my grandma to buy me the lemon shaped lemon juice bottles so I could drink them. I love sour gummy candies, WarHeads and Cry Baby Sour Gum. (My mouth is watering right now just typing about them!) I also like to eat rhubarb, freshly peeled.  

Good thing it is rhubarb season! I'm in the mood for sour!

I just got some nice big stalks of rhubarb from my friend R earlier this week. It inspired me to make some Rosemary Lemon Rhubarb Spritzer, which I stumbled upon last summer! This drink is awesomely fresh and a great summer drink Don't let the rhubarb and rosemary combo put you off, it is truly yummy! The only thing I really change in the recipe is I use much less sugar (it's always easier to add more than take some out). Oh, and if you don't have fresh rosemary, dried works well too.

Hubby has requested the Mexican corn salad that I made last weekend. And I think Im in the mood to try a new recipe this weekend. Stay tuned!