12 June 2011

O pangs and then some

One grumble today: I found out on Friday that a guy I work with is expecting. His wife is 8mo pregnant! I'm not totally surprised that I've only just now found out about it and not directly from him I might add. I wouldn't have been totally shocked if I would have heard "Oh, by the way, my wife had a baby a couple of months ago.." from him. I've worked with this guy for 3 years (although the last 6 mo he's been in a different department, but we still interact on a regular basis) and this is just the way he is. It still doesn't take away the sting of hearing about his good fortune and I can't help but uncharitably think that I've been married longer than him and probably trying longer than them also. That was my only downer to my wonderful Friday.

And now on to other stuff...

After my  +OPK on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, I am sure I O'd during the day on Thursday. I felt it! I haven't felt O pangs in such a long time, like, for the last couple of years. It makes me wonder if around the time I stopped feeling O pangs is when my endometriosis showed up? Having mostly 28 day cycles (sometimes 27 or 29), I am quite confident that I ovulate around CD14. This would be confirmed in my mind, especially when I could feel pinching O-like pangs on the right or left side each month. I even tried telling a doctor around that time several years ago that I didn't feel them anymore and he just told me that women don't always feel them. But I used to! So why wasn't I anymore? Ugh, I wish more doctors would actually listen to us when we say something about our own bodies. (Enough of that rant. That's for another post, someday.)

As for Thursday, I was able to entice hubby into the bedroom for a bit of fun. Even if the outside and inside temperatures had been close to +30C for several days and have continued to be that hot since then. But, that is also the only BD we've gotten in this cycle around O time. Either it will work or it won't. I'm trying not to dwell on it much.

After what I believe was O on Thursday, I have continually had a stitch in my right side, right where my O pang was. Sometimes it is quite pangy and painful and others it is just a tugging feeling. Last night (or was it the night before?) I could barely turn over in my sleep because it hurt so bad. And still, more than 2 days later, I'm still feeling pangs where my right ovary is. Seriously! I'm just wondering if my O was so eventful and explosive that it has maybe bruised the area. (I never would have thought of this if it wasn't for a friend who had it happen previously and told me about it. It also happened to be the cycle she got pregnant.) I'm also feeling quite bloated the last 2 days or so. It's been short lived for that feeling to be gone.