02 June 2011

progesterone after effects

I know that progesterone suppositories can have side effect while you are taking them, but what about after you've stopped taking them?

During my last IVF and more recently my failed first FET, I've taken progesterone suppositories during the 2WW and once I get the BFN, I can stop taking them. What I've noticed is that after I stop taking the suppositories and my body absorbs or expels the last of the progesterone, my lady bits and especially my clitoris get sore. It almost feels as if the entire region is dry or lacking any sort of lubricant. And as I said, the discomfort is especially felt in my clitoris area. It is tender, sore and sometimes even painful.
I remember that I was going to mention it to my doctor during the following visit after the failed IVF, but the pain and discomfort went away before I went in. (out of sight pain, out of mind) I think I'll write this down as one of my questions to ask the doctor.
Now that it is happening again, I'm wondering if this is the correlation and if anyone else has experienced it?