09 November 2011

So tired, so short

I really should have been in bed ages ago, but the best of plans don't always work. LOL If I'm ever in bed (and asleep) before midnight, it generally means one of two things: I am sick or it is Friday. And by it being Friday, I mean that I have been going to bed late all week and waking up early all week and now I'm just too exhausted to stay awake another night, plus I can sleep in on Saturday!

But to my quick point of this post. I had my first IVF #3 appointment today. I didn't screw this cycle up by missing my original appointment last week. I've started taking a nose spray today and my next appointment is next week's Wednesday. I have it in my mind to post the details tomorrow when I'm hopefully not so tired.

p.s. I made my 3 wishes at the Stirrup Queens today. Did you make yours?