29 November 2011

It's a free day

No, I don't mean I was free from work, in fact, it has been a long day at work. Rather, I didn't and don't have to snort anything or inject myself with something today. It's the day before my retrevial! I'm definitely feeling bloated. Pregnyl gave me a bruise last night, but it looks more of a red spot than a bruise. It is sore though.

I'm also extremely exhausted from not sleeping much last night because I coughed up a lung. You know the type of cough where you are almost going to throw up because of it? Yeah, that was me most of the night. In fact, my coughing today has only been a notch lower than that. I sick and tired of coughing!

I don't look forward to stuffing something in my lady bits starting tomorrow, espcially since I've been dealing with a yeast infection lately. I've had enough of stuff leaking out of me to last a life time! But, if this ends up being for a good reason, I _think_ can live with it. *grin* I do think I'll ask about PIO, though.

On the plus side, I've not had to evade any questions from co-workers about why I suddenly need 3 days off at the busiest time of the month and with 2-3 others off already. They all just seemed to take it in stride and gave me well wishes to get better. So, maybe being sick and sounding like I was spreading the plague at work has worked with me this time.

In any case, I'm off from work Wednesday and Thursday. We'll see how I feel by Friday whether I go back to work or not. I'm not looking looking forward to going to the clinic by bus, as it 20-30 minutes to our trip there. But I also respect (sort of) Mr Siili's non-desire to drive. We'll make it there in any case, most likely grumpy and not talking because it is too early for Mr Siili to be awake and I'll be chattering away. LOL