28 November 2011

No more stims and retrieval soon!

I so didn't mean to go this long without posting, nor to be totally absent from ICLW. I feel bad on both accounts, but at the same time, sometimes life takes over and we have to do what we have to do. Mr Siili and I have been crazily working on our financial stuff to get ready to ask for a bank loan in hopes that we can get one for our new place. So, that has pretty much taken precedence over everything else lately. I have been thinking of everyone (and I will reply to all comments!) when I haven't had my head full of numbers and fog from being sick. Yeah, I've been sick too. Anyway, while I'm stealing a few minutes from work, I'll try to update you all on where I am (we? I'm the one being stuck each day, hubby isn't doing a thing!) on the IVF schedule.

As I left off on Thursday, I had 3 appointments on Friday. The first was with a therapist/psychologist. I'm still processing what went on, but I'm not sure I'm convinced. The third appointment (yes, I'm skipping around) was with the work nurse to check out my throat and coughing. I didn't have white stuff in the back of my throat, nor a fever, so most likely no strep-throat. I made an appointment for Monday to go back if I still wasn't feeling well. The 2nd appointment of the day was with my fertility clinic.

At the fertility clinic, the ultrasound showed that I have 1+2 follicles on my right ovary and 3+3 on my left. (The first number is the bigger, more mature follicles and the second number is the slightly smaller ones.) That's only 9 little follicles. I'm a bit sad at the number. I know, I know, it only takes one... My body is responding much faster than the previous times, so my retrieval date has been bumped up again, this time to Wednesday, November 30th! The timing couldn't be worse at work! But, what's a girl to do?! I can't control my hormones, it's the doctors' fault!

While at the IVF appointment, I asked about the intense sensitivity of my lady bits. They have been so sensitive, so much so that it is almost painful. I look healthy down there (as agreed by the doctor) and no yeast infection looking stuff, so it could just be from the Menopur and Synarela. But as the weekend wore on, I just got more sore and more milky white stuff leaking, but still not yeasty. I used some cortizone cream to make myself comfortable until Monday.

Saturday was the pikkujoulut (little christmas) for all the girls on my husband's side of the family. I organized it this year, so it was in my own town. Yay for not having to take a bus or train 2 hours somewhere. Some of us met at the museum to see the Lady Ostapeck exhibit that is in town. Very interesting lady! She's American born to Finnish parents and has had a life. Her photos are beautiful and so are the dresses she has made. Then us girls went to dinner at a local pub (they brew their own beer) and chatted. It was a decent evening, but all of the girls my age have kids, so guess what the topic was about most of the evening?

Sunday was spent recovering and working more on finance stuff and trying not to cough my brains or lungs out. Mr Siili and I also had a long-ish and good discussion about life and how we view things. He still finds it scary that I say I don't think I can live my life, happily, without a kid. Although, I do know that if the day comes that I for sure won't be able to have kids, I'll have to try to learn to live with a new 'happy'. But I'm not there yet. But I find it just as scary his view on what he expects or doesn't expect from life or at least what he has learned to not to expect from it and still go on being ok and hopefully happy with it.
We got some snow during the late evening, but it was so wet that it didn't stick at all. At least not in my part of town. I can't wait for the snow to arrive!

Today, I made my way back to the work doctor's office (actual doctor, not nurse this time) and got a prescription for my throat infection and I also got something for my yeast infection. Yes, I could have just gone and bought something over the counter, but getting a prescription for it, I only have to pay 1,50€ instead. So, I'm even more medicated now, but hopefully on the mend.

As for IVF stuff. I injected my last Menopur shot last night and my last nose spray of Synarela this morning. Tonight I have a double dose (only of the powder, not the liquid) of Pregnyl, ovulation simulation. I'm not feeling as bloated and crampy as I have in the past, especially with IVF #2, but I am feeling it. My symptoms are nothing like what others have descriped, thankfully. I think yesterday is when I started noticing more symptoms: crampy, bloating!, very sore nipples and  hormonal-moodiness and the need to pee all the time (that's a new one for me).

I ran walked quickly from work to the gym for BodyBalance. I opted out of BodyCombat this week feeling it would be just a bit too much, with bloating and a cold. Now I can finish this post. BodyBalance was an easy class and it felt good, except for one thing we did: the Rocking Horse Pose/Upward Bow. You know the one where you lie on your stomach, reach your hands back to grab your ankles and rock. Well, uhm, that was so not comfortable for multi-follicle me. 

We're going to the retrieval appointment on Wednesday by bus. I could drive us there, but Mr Siili doesn't want to drive us home. He's doesn't like driving, especially with the weather being slushy/icy/snowy unpredictable right now. Mr Siili also has an interview on Wednesday, which means he needs to be back in our part of town earlier to take a nap get ready for it. So we'll go by bus and I have a friend that will pick me up afterward, if I'm done early enough before noon.

Wish me luck! I'm keeping you all in my thoughts! I hope my life calms down a bit so I can blog and comment again regularly.