13 November 2011

Movie Marathon: Twilight

Anyone else out there liking/loving Twilight books and movies as much as I do? I've read all the books twice and I'm sure I'll read them again at some point. They are just such a quick and easy read. I'm not sure what it is that keeps drawing me back, maybe it is the romance, the love story and the hope of a happily ever after. This story line just speaks to the inner girl and helpless romantic in me.

There's just under 5 days left until my friends and I get to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn part 1. I'm already excited to go see the movie, but I know my giddiness and school girlness will become more apparent as it gets closer. Thankfully I have coworker-friends who are just as excited as me!
Tomorrow at noon, I'm heading downtown to a coworker's apartment to watch all 3 Twilight movies in a row! We'll make some food, eat, drink, drool over Jacob and Edward, laugh and generally have a good time.

But first, I need to get some sleep so I can wake up and bake something sweet and delicious (lemony or chocolatey) to take with me. Any suggestions?