17 November 2011

It's my Friday and I'm going to the movies

Less than an hour at work and my wekeend starts! Hopefully I can leave in 30 min, tops! In order to leave work on time, this will have to be short.
That's right, I've taken Friday off from work! I did it just so I could go see Breaking Dawn part 1 at midnight and not have to worry about waking up early for work the next day (same day, but that point). I've been waiting for this night for a year now. Ever since the 3rd movie was released.

I am very much looking forward to the movie, but I'm also quite preoccupied with other stuff going on (new house + finances) at the moment that I'm not fully getting the excitement and build-up before the movie. Add hormones on top of stress and you've got a girl who is ready to cry at the drop of a hat. I have a feeling I'll cry at home before heading out to the movie this evening. I hope a good cry makes me feel a bit better, but also doesn't leave me with eyes that are too puffy.

In other words, Mansi got ahold of Moose yesterday! I managed to find him in the hallway, face down. Darn cat!