08 March 2012

Happy Thursday

Happy International Women's Day!

Our neuvola appointment this morning went well. After introducing Mr Siili and a few questions we got down to business. My blood pressure was a bit low, but as that is normal for me, the nurse wasn't concerned. As per their scales, I've only gained 1,1kg (~2lbs). Then we were shown to the doctor's room.

The neuvola doctor started by going over basic background info and health. My asthma meds are ok, but she wrote me a new/different prescription for allergy meds for the spring. Then it was up on the exam table. No ultrasound this time, but that doesn't mean my lady bits were left alone! The doctor checked my lady bits externally and internally. Everything looked just fine. Then we officially heard Paxlet's heartbeat for the first time! (I heard it once before with the fetal monitor at home.)

Work was as busy as ever. So much going on right now, I never run out of stuff to do. Time is the problem. I will get to miss some of the excitement by going on maternity leave. I like the idea of that. Hehe. I managed to get a few things caught up, but more emails just keep burying me. Oh, well, I'm not stressing about it.

Once I left work (an hour later than I had planned), I went to look for screen protectors for Mr Siili's phone. I didn't find them, but I did end up buying a bra. My first maternity clothing purchase. It took forever trying to find one that fit and was comfortable. But it was really needed.
Now, it's time to finish writing this, on my phone, in bed and actually go to sleep. I'm exhausted!