23 March 2012

Friday Fun!

Edited: This was closed on April 6th and the winner announced.

On a fun note. I've been thinking of having a giveaway lately. I was thinking I'd do it once I reached 59 followers (just some random number that popped into my head), which I have reached and surpassed. But when it all comes down to it, I just really want to have a giveaway. So, here's the announcement for my giveaway:

Anyone from anywhere around the world is eligible to sign-up for this giveaway. I'm not exactly sure what the prize will be yet, but most likely it'll be a key chain/phone charm or a bookmark or something else I come up with. I'll announce the winner in about a week's time.
To enter, all you have to do is ... tell me something. (And leave me some what to contact you.) Tell me something I might not have already known, about a book you love, your favorite food/dessert to make or bake, if you're crafty and what you like to make. Really, just tell me something!

It's Friday evening and I'm exhausted! (Especially after re-capping this week. Kudos to anyone who survived the reading of it.) And now it is time for me to crawl into bed.