19 May 2011

TTC Timeline

After I got home from work this evening, I grumped at hubby a bit, then took a nap to hide from the world (and hubby) and when I woke up I ate a bit of dinner. I didn't eat much dinner, but I still felt full and somewhat bloated after. Then I started typing up my (our) TTC journey timeline. You can see the short and sweet version below and the more detailed version from the tab at the top. I still need to update some of the details and what not, but that is most of what we've gone through so far.

Today marks the transfer into the 1WW. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to hold off before I cave and POAS!

Nov/Dec - I got pregnant and had an abortion*
Aug - we started TTC
May - went in for check-up, endometrial cyst found
Nov - surgery to remove cyst and endometriosis confirmed
Mar - 1st medicated cycle on Clomifen, no IUI due to the 2 follicles are too big, TI instead w/HSG trigger, BFN
Apr - 1st IUI with Puregon, BFN
May - 2nd medicated TI with Puregon, BFN
Jun - 2nd IUI, BFN
Jul - nothing, clinic is closed entire month
Aug - 3rd IUI, BFN
Oct - IVF explained, injected myself with Procren to hard stop my body's hormones
Nov - IVF #1, BFN
March - IVF #2, BFN
May - FET #1, awaiting results

*I have no regrets what-so-ever regarding my abortion. It was right for me at the time and what I chose to do (with the support of my husband). If you don't agree with this and don't have anything nice to say, please move along. If you have honest and true questions, I'll be happy to answer and discuss.