06 May 2011

A "new" Friday5

Here's some fun questions about new things in our life, thanks to Friday5.org. Let's see what answers I can come up with.

1. Who in your life has most recently had a baby?
I think it's close to being a  way tie: co-worker R, co-worker T, a friend from high school and sister-in-law all have babies close in age. (Wow, that's a hard reality to realize.)

2. Who in your life has most recently purchased a car?
It wasn't so much a purchase, but rather a donation/acquisition: my youngest brother finally has a car. It's not what he kept talking about nor dreamed about, but I think it'll do for a first car. Now he just needs to get his learner's permit.

3. Who in your life has most recently lost a fair amount of weight?
An online friend has been doing an amazing job at losing weight! She's started working out and eating healthy and the weight has just fallen away. She makes it look easy, but I know she puts tons of hard work into it. You go, Girl!

4. Who in your life has most recently gotten a terrific haircut?

A school friend and co-worker. When she turned 30, she decided it was time to change her hair style. And that she did! It's much shorter, but oh so cute!

5. Who in your life has most recently begun a new job?

I can't think of anyone who has started a new job recently. I do have my fingers crossed that my hubby finds one and starts it soon.