19 May 2011

Say it ain't so!

As my work day was ending, I just didn't feel like going to the gym anymore, even though I packed my gym back and brought it with me today (albeit, I left it in the car, it was still downtown with me). I called hubby and tried to get him to talk me out of going to the gym. Or maybe I wanted him to talk me into going to the gym. I'm not sure anymore and anyway he wasn't much help. He told me to come home if I felt like it. And I told him that if he saw me in the next few minutes, I came home and if he doesn't see me soon, I've gone to the gym.

I walked to my car and decided that I had better go to the gym. I mean, I went to the trouble of packing my bag and I even took the car to work so I didn't have to walk to the other side of the town to get to the gym. I should go to the gym!

And boy oh boy, am I glad I went! Today was the last day and the last class that my favorite instructor was going to teach as a permanent employee at the gym. (He'll still sub when he can.) He has taught BodyCombat as long as I've been going to the gym and I just love how he teaches it. He has a background in martial arts, so he knows the proper techniques to do the punches and kicks so you don't hurt yourself and get the most out of the class. Plus, I have a tiny huge school-girl crush on him. (Anyone else have silly school girl crushes?) LOL. It'll be sad knowing that I can't count on Thursday's to be BodyCombat day with my favorite instructor. As one of the other members said: We do we do on Thursday's now?

I at least know he'll be teaching one more class on Sunday. Guess where I'll be? Front and center!