18 May 2011

Today's purchase

So this is what I bought today: a box of 2 pregnancy tests (left back), some body lotion (right back) and a bar of chocolate (for hubby! Ok, I'll eat some of it too.). When I put these on the conveyor belt, the clerk smiled at me. I mean really smiled at me (Finns don't do that often). Then when I got home and showed hubby what I bought and told him what happened, he laughed. And then he went off on one of his tangents making up stories. I joined in of course.
1. Maybe the lady thought the chocolate was for in case the test came back negative, and
2. It would have been funnier if I had bought whipped cream, tuna & a pregnancy test, and
3. It would be funny if someone bought condoms and pregnancy tests (I said it would be too late then!), and
....the list goes on.

Don't get your hopes up yet, I'm not testing in the morning! I'm only 6dpFET today and I just don't feel ready to waste money on tests. Especially when I'm not feeling any symptoms. At least not any symptoms that I would think to consider only pregnancy symptoms. I am a bit bloaty and gassy, but that can be just normal life. In addition, another reason to not test (too) early is the doctors told me to not test until the 2 weeks is up. They won't/don't do blood tests until after a women gets a BFP from peeing on a stick (I think...I actually don't know as I've never gotten a BFP.) Let's see if I can hold out for another week. hahahahaah