14 July 2011

Thankful Thursday

A quick blurb about what I am thankful for this week, as I should really be working right now. hahaha

A bit earlier today, I was thinking how I am very thankful to have a car. I had my official "group" invite pap smear for my 35th year of life on this planet. (Every 5 years starting at age 30, women are sent an invite to have a pap smear. At no charge to us women.) But I forgot my referral paper at home. If I didn't have my paper, I couldn't have my appointment. So, I took an extra long lunch break, ran home to get my paper, dropped a postcard for MIL off at the postoffice, spent 5 minutes in a second hand store (looking for long thin/filmy scarves, I've got a project I want to make in mind) and then drove my car back to work and walked to the doctor's office with 10 seconds to spare! Ok, 15 seconds. So, if I hadn't had my car, I most likley wouldn't have been able to get home and back in time for my appointment.

Other items I am thankful for this week:
- My Skype call with my dad last night
- My husband
- My cats
- Only one more week +1 day of work until my 3 weeks of summer holiday starts
- I'm going to leave work at a normal time and go to the gym today
- After said gym visit, I'm going to have tea with a very good friend that I haven't seen in a while (there will most likely be tears)
- Today is a good day

While it doesn't always feel like it, I really do have many things to be thankful for. And I know I need to try and remember it more often.