25 July 2011

CD2, cycle #38

I was just thinking this morning that I've been awfully quiet about all things TTC during the last month. And it all boils down to summer and the month long summer break my clinic takes during July. Yup, that's right, the public health care clinic I go to closes down during the entire month of July. So while I can't affect them closing down for the month, I did decide that I can affect how it effects me. I decided that I'd make this break into a good thing. My clinic is on holiday, so I'd take a holiday from TTC too (mostly).

So far, I think I've done quite well on this break from TTC. I'm not feeling bloated from meds, I'm not seriously thinking about getting pregnant (although I have convinced Mr Siili to BD at all the right times, just in case) and I'm really just trying to enjoy summer. Especially now that MY holiday has started! I've also had a good time writing about other things besides wanting a baby. It doesn't lessen the desire, but it sure it good to have a break from obsessing (all of the time).

I will admit that when AF showed her face yesterday, I was a bit bummed. I did get down in the dumps for a short while, but I bounced back quite quickly. August is coming soon and I'll be able to call the clinic on the 1st, let them know where I'm at in my cycle and see if we could try to get a natural FET in this month. If not, then I need to see what will happen next. Will the want me to do use our last frozen embryo before moving onto IVF #3 or will we be able to jump into IVF #3 as soon as I get back from my work trip to Shanghai late Sept/early Oct? At this moment, none of that matters as it is still July.

To carry on with the July celebrations, don't forget about my Reverse Birthday Gifting giveaway! You can still sign up (at the original post) until midnight July 28th local Finnish time (UTC/GMT +3 hours). And anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. Good Luck!