06 January 2013

Play date at my house

For the most part, I am the last one to have a kid in my group of friends. Most of my friends' kids are 2-4 years of age, with one of them as old as 8 years and one of them 5 weeks younger than Paxlet. Being the last to have a kid and basically the only one on maternity leave right now, it is pretty lonely in my circle of friends. Everyone is busy with their families, work and just at a different stage of things than we are. It is rare that I get to see any of my friends and I find that quite sad.

Before everyone had kids, we'd get together semi-regularly at one another's house or in a pub to chat and eat. It's been ages since that has happened. To remedy this situation, I thought I'd have a play date at our house! And what better way to start the new year than to have it in January (20th to be exact), after all the hubbub of the holidays has died down.

In order to try and be more accommodating to everyone's daily schedules, I stated that from 11am-ish until 4pm-ish is the time for people to come over for as long as they wish and fits their schedule. I figured if Paxlet is awake, great! If not, oh well, I really just want to see my friends...and uh...their kids too.

I sent the email out on December 20th, a whole month in advance, as that is what seems to be needed these days. I know two mom&kid(s) won't be coming for sure, one has said she'd come and a couple others will try to make it. The rest haven't replied. I sure hope more people will show up.

In the mean time, I need to get our downstairs area mobile-kid-proofed!