04 January 2013

Holy screaming meemies, Paxlet!

Paxlet is such a happy little boy. We get so many smiles and tons of laughter from him. He goes down for naps (best in his stroller) and bed time (on the boob) quite easily. We've not had to deal with colic. Nor has he had that much gas, especially after the first couple of weeks and even then that wasn't too bad. (More sad and pitiful than anything.) He's easy going, not very fussy and just all around happy. Mr Siili and I know we are lucky and are very thankful for this.

Except for the very few times, like tonight, when nothing seems to work. Paxlet is oh so very tired but we can't get him to sleep. I've put a clean diaper on him, changed him into his pajamas and laid down with him to give him a feed before he falls asleep. He ate, then puked a tiny bit. Paxlet then got a bit fussy, but that was because he drained the boob he was on and he was still hungry (so I thought). We switched boobs, he ate a bit more, spit up a bit (ate too much at once) and then he became fussy. He didn't want any more boob. I tried burping him, but that wasn't his issue. I tried feeding him in a different position, he only took a few sucks and fussed some more. I tried sitting him up, I tried laying him down with his dolphin and he only fussed and cried. I tried two different binkies, which he didn't want and they only made him cry and scream. I tried laying him down on the bed, with a binkie and he only screamed more. I let him be on the bed, screaming, because I couldn't think of what else to do with him. After he screamed, gasped, choked and screamed bloody murder for 3-ish minutes, tops. I couldn't handle it any more. And in that moment of desperation, I get it why/how some moms shake their kids. Not that I agree with that, but I get it. Thankfully, I took Paxlet to Mr Siili and here I am writing this trying to collect myself in order to take care of my crying baby some more.

Update a bit later:
Paxlet fussed a bit more with Mr Siili, but he also goo'd and gaa'd with his dad. After 10 minutes or so of Paxlet not screaming, but being a little bit fussy, I went to collect him. Paxlet was still extremely tired, but he wasn't screaming anymore. Mr Siili and I wondered if it was the spiced/flavored chicken that I ate for dinner that upset his tummy. The few times Paxlet has really fussed and screamed seem to coincide with times that I've eaten something with spices in it or too much chocolate. I ate some bread with cheese and some cereal in hopes of getting that into my system and the chicken out or at least diluted (no idea if it really works that way, but I did it anyway). Paxlet and I came back upstairs, I fed him a bit more and he passed out immediately. He's right now laying next to me in bed peacefully sleeping.