24 September 2011

Sniffly Saturday

That's right, I've been lucky enough to get my first cold of the season. Ugh!

Thursday after work I could feel the sniffles and early cold-like itches creeping up on me as night came on. Then as I went to bed, my eyes felt that telltale feverish burning of an oncoming cold. By Friday morning I knew I was sick, although I wasn't feeling too horrible just yet. I still went to work and worked my entire shift and then some because my co-worker who was supposed to stay until 6pm was out of the office with his sick daughter. It was a long sneezy, sniffly, runny nose day that wasn't made any more fun by having a fuzzy and addled brain. At least Mr Siili was up for Subway so I didn't have to cook. As if he'd want me cooking food with snot running out my nose every time I looked down.

Today I woke up on my own schedule (around 10), lazed in bed a bit and then Mr Siili and I went to take our weekly pictures of the progress on our house and then to the food store. After that we came home, got food and sat down in front of our respective computers.

At one point I decided to get my laptop out and try to update it as I haven't used it quite some time (70 days by the update manager's calculation). That caused a stupid argument between Mr Siili and I. Needless to say, I'm not to pleased with that situation or him at the moment. Computer is finally updated and I'm too tired to download the pictures from my camera to my computer now.

Later this evening we'll head to sauna and then possibly watch a few tv shows. It's going to be a quiet and recovering weekend for me. I hope everyone else has a better weekend than I am having.