17 September 2011

Happy to be home

The trip home was uneventful for the most part. Like normal, the taxi driver in Shanghai drove like a mad man to the airport. At one point he was going 100kph in an 80mph area and surpassed a cop car! (Although the cop already had his lights on and was most likely after someone else, but still!) We hit a couple of turbulence pockets, which were scarier in the second flight and smaller plane. I arrived home on schedule and to Mr Siili cooking me dinner and peruna rieska.

It was great to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow. And then it was off to work the next morning. Life is back to normal. So much so that I was even at my 4th (in Finland) and final acupuncture appointment on Thursday.

The acupuncture appointment went well, but MRJ (acupuncture doctor) sort of went creepy-hippy-alternative on me this time. As I mentioned in my previous acupuncture post, MRJ has recently learned EFT techniques. I'm not quite sure what I think of EFT, but it isn't harmful at least. And I think they may have helped. Although, he kept trying to find traumas, bad things in my life and negative experiences, which I just don't think I have in my life. I think I'm a pretty happy person and I don't feel I had a bad childhood. Sure my parents got divorced, but I never thought it was my fault (even if I did try to feel that way to "be like everyone else"). So, this time around we worked on my feelings towards my stepmom, my infertility, my being ok with having or not having kids and any possible unknown negative emotions/feelings that could be stopping me from getting pregnant. None of this was creepy-hippy-too alternative. It was what he was doing during it all.

MRJ was "testing" to see if different questions he asked himself (about me) were correct or not based on how his muscles resisted or allowed him to press his thumb and forefinger together with his other hand. (I know this can be done with the arms also.) I had seen my mom do this previously and I didn't understand it then. And I still just don't understand how this works... It was explained to me that a question is asked and then the arm(s) or fingers are pressed against. If the body resists/doesn't resist, then the answer is yes/no. He tried to test this with me last time, but it seems my body didn't co-operate. (Gee, I wonder why?!) For example, MRJ asked me what was my name. And as I said it, he would press on my arm. Then he told me to say someone else's name while he pressed. I guess that when I said my name and someone else's name, my body was supposed to react differently. But by his responses, it didn't seem to work. So, it seems this time he took it upon himself to test with his own fingers questions about me. And it wasn't like he did this once or twice, he was "testing" a LOT! From some of the questions he'd ask me after I saw him testing his fingers, I assume some of the questions were along the lines of:
-Do I have unexplained feelings stopping me from getting pregnant?
-Will EFT help me get pregnant?
-Will fertility treatments help me get pregnant?
and so on...

In any case, that was my last acupuncture treatment for now. MRJ was sort of hoping that I'd wait a cycle to see if his treatment worked in getting me pregnant. And I think I would wait another month before going back to my "western medicine" fertility treatments if I hadn't been waiting for 4 months already on an extended summer break. But, when AF arrives in the next couple of days, I'll be calling the fertility clinic to get on with our last frozen embryo. I will call the acupuncturist if I do get pregnant, so he can "test" if it was his doing or the fertility meds that got me pregnant.