27 September 2011

CD10 + doctor's visit

I had my first clinic visit in ages today! But first I want to share the mushrooms I picked yesterday with you. I went by myself into unknown and new woods to pick mushrooms by myself! Normally, I've gone with someone else to pick mushrooms and to a spot that they know about. But this time, I didn't have anyone to go with me (and Mr Siili isn't a big mushroom person), so I put on a brave face and decided to check out a new place right near our home. Actually, it is between our current place and our new home. Score!

I wandered around for the first hour not finding the mushrooms I had gone to look for (suppilovahvero = yellow foot), but rather finding a few chanterelle (1/2 liter) instead. Just when I was thinking of heading back, I stepped upon, literally, the mother load of mushrooms. I picked 2 liters of the suppilovahvero. By that time I had been wandering around for about 2 hours, it was time to head home. On my way back to the car, I heard some snuffling noises behind me, turned around and there was a white fluff ball! I yelped (no screaming or yelling) and the dog growled at me. I froze for 2 seconds and calmed my heart down enough to remember I have Taekwon-do skills if need be and a bucket of mushrooms. The guy finally got his growly dog back under control and I found my way back to my car. I didn't get lost! Another score!

Summer break from TTC is over! After an ill-timed O in June that caused the FET to not work that month, the clinic being closed all of July, my period starting too early in August (actually 1 week before Aug) and then me going to Shanghai for work at the end of August and first half of September, this is the first time the timing is working again. So, when AF showed up for cycle #40, I called the clinic to schedule today's appointment.

The lady doctor was one I hadn't had/met before (they have rotating doctors at the clinic, so we get whoever is there that day). She was nice, answered my questions well and I liked her. The details are as follows:
- lining is 8mm. Yay!
- left ovary has a couple of small cysts; nothing new & nothing to worry about, but also only very small follicles growing there
- right ovary has a couple of nice sized follies, at least one is a 7mm and one 8mm. Go follies!
- I'll start POAS on Thursday to hopefully catch the surge (on Friday?) sometime during the following couple of days
- If/When I get a positive, I'll call the clinic to schedule the thawing of our last and only embryo. Fingers crossed the timing is correct and it thaws in tact!

I also asked about the AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) blood test I had done back in June to see how my egg supply is doing. She told me my score is a 0,6, which is normal for my age and having endometriosis. Dr Lady said that if had been 0,2 or lower, then we'd be in major trouble. There's still some time for me and my eggs, but still it is time to be cautious because, yet again, of my age and endo.

I also asked her about my endo and whether or not that is a good enough reason for "infertility" or should I still be searching for another reason. She said endo is a 'good' enough reason. I think I have a post brewing about this topic, so I'll save it for a later date.

All in all, the doctor's visit was like I expected. Everything looks to be going like it should and nothing earth shattering was found. Fingers crossed we see some double lines on the O tests later this week!

For now, I've got a bit of bounce to my step and some hope in my heart.