09 March 2011

Why I shouldn't clean

I did the dishes, all was fine. I scooped the litter box, all was fine. I thought about vacuuming, but decided to do it later. Cut up a mango and took it to the bedroom as a snack while I read for a bit. Rusty pukes, on the kitchen rug, so I get to clean it up. (Poor kitty.) Once that mess is cleaned, I figured I might as well vacuum some now. All rooms except the living room satisfactorily clean, I head there with the intention to only vacuum the most used area: the computer area. I ask hubby if he could move himself and the chair. I get in front of the comp table, under it and when I got to the power cords, I accidentally hit the kill switch. :-( I've done it once before and had that in mind this time around...but it still happened. Hubby is quite upset with me now.  It's not like I tried to do it.

Then he decided I was going to get under the couch and he proceeded to move it and everything around it. As I toss toys out of the way (after sucking up one ribbon), Mansi is curiously watching what is going on.  I tossed another  toy in her direction and it smacked her full on.  Hubby got even more upset and said I shouldn't throw stuff at the cat. I wasn't trying to hit the cat! All toys were being tossed in that general direction.

And that is why I shouldn't clean...