27 March 2011

Sewing machine

I finally pulled out my brand new sewing machine today! I made myself a book bag. I love taking my books with me when I'm in the bus or waiting at the doctor's/dentist's office, but I hate my books getting bent out of shape in my bags. So, here's a book bag! Please excuse the camera-phone coloring.

It isn't a new or novel idea, as I've re-purposed many-a-bags of this shape & type for book bags. This one just happens to be the first one handmade by me! Yes, I'm (re)reading Jean M. Auel's The Shelters of Stone in preparation for the 6th and final book of the series coming on March 29th. Although, I most likely won't be getting the book anytime soon here in Finland. The bookmark is my own doing, also.