25 June 2010

On holiday this week,

and so much has happened!

Saturday, hubby, a co-worker of mine and I went to Ähtäri for the day. Weather was great and we saw lots of animals.

Sunday was spent at home.

Monday, the cats and I drove to Pori. Hubbies parents live there. We all just enjoyed the warm summer day and kitties were able to go outside.

Tuesday, I woke up way to early for a holiday morning and went swimming in an outdoor pool. Then mother-in-law and I drove to Vanha/Old Rauma, a UNESCO site. We wandered around there for an hour or so. We ate some of the bestest vanilla munkki we've ever eaten. They were so good, we had 2! lol. After that we drove to Sammallahdenmäki, another UNESCO site. Sammallahdenmäki was very interesting to walk around and check the cairns out. I'd love to go back when there are guides to get a better understanding and hear about some of the findings.

Wednesday was just a quiet day around the house. Kitties were allowed outside even more. And in the early evening we came home. Upon coming home, I found an envelope that had arrived for me while I was gone. (That will be updated in the next post.)

Today has been a mostly quiet day. Hubby and I grumped at each other a bit. Tried to go to lunch out, but the place was basically done serving lunch already. So, we went food shopping for juhannus weekend and bought tons of food stuffs.

Tomorrow we'll go to hubbie's co-worker's house in the evening to grill.

The rest of the weekend will most likely be quiet and restful. I will need to do some laundry before going back to work. Hopefully it will be sunny.