17 June 2010

Another one

A co-worker told me today that she is pregnant. As always, I'm happy for her, but aching a bit for me. I feel bad that there was caution and worry in her face as she told me, as she knows how long I've been trying to get pregnant. But I am pleased (not the correct word, but I can't think of a better one) that she felt able to tell me and before the rest of our co-workers.

The funny thing is that I was JUST thinking about her last night and wondering if she and her hubby were trying to get pregnant. She had a miscarriage a year ago. The pregnancy was unplanned and I remember hearing her say how she so wasn't ready to be a mom yet but that her husband is. It got me thinking that since it had happened and she had time to think about things a bit differently, would she be willing or wanting to try now. I got my answer today. Kinda funny.

I'm in turmoil again, but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago.