23 April 2011

Over the shoulder boulder holder

Bras, one of life's little evils! I hate bras! And I especially don't like underwire bras. I've not liked them, bras in general or underwires, for as long as I can remember. I'm always fidgeting with them, pulling them up, pushing them down, stopping a strap from falling down, getting a wire unstuck from under my armpit. Ugh!

But they seem to be one of those things that we really can't live without in this day and age. I mean, sure we  don't have to wear a bra, but I know the disgusted thoughts I've had towards women (ok, mostly older overweight women) who are walking down the street with a t-shirt on, no bra and hanging very low. Eew! No thanks! I also don't think too highly of the barely-there breasted women who go bra-less. But in that case, I think it might just be jealousy (although, I think I'd still wear a little something under my shirt).

I've been fitted several times at different places and I still have a hard time finding something that doesn't totally irritate me. Underwires or non-underwires, they all bug me some how, although wireless are usually better. I do try to find non-underwire bras, but they are generally so ugly and granny-like. In addtion, I'm not the type of girl who loves clothes shopping. I need to be in the right mood in order to brave clothes stores and their fitting rooms. And then going bra shopping is a whole other mood and a rare one at that! And if the bra-shopping mood does strike, it is short lived.

The fact that I am "stuck" with 2 bras at moment, one a non-underwire (my main stay) and an underwire bra (for those "good days"), I have been feeling the need to go bra hunting. But the mood hasn't stuck me and I don't think it will for some time. So, I'm grumpy about my bras, yet I feel no compulsion to do anything about it.
Stupid bras!