11 February 2011

sharing with rusty

It's Friday evening and hubby is at a friend's house, so it is just me and the cats. I've hardly seen Mansi all evening, except for treat time. Rusty on the other hand has hardly left my lap.

I watched the movie Easy A. During the whole movie, except for a break in the middle for treats for the kitties and dinner for me, Rusty was on my lap. After that I watched one episode of Being Human. Again, Rusty was on my lap the entire time. Only after I was done watching stuff and started to wiggle a bit did Rusty get up, grudgingly/whiningly. He still wanted to be near me, but not ON me. So I tried to share my chair with him, but my behind is bigger than hubby's and the two of us (Rusty & I) just don't fit on the chair well side-by-side.

He's now back on my lap & quite content. But it sure is difficult typing one-handed on an ergonomical keyboard. So I think it is time to end this and continue sharing my evening with Rusty.