13 February 2011

Fast weekend, like always

As the title says, this weekend has gone by way too fast. Like they always do.

My Friday night was a lazy one. Hubby was at a friends playing their online game. I was at home watching a movie (Easy A) and 1 episode of a tv show (Being Human) on the computer. I then crawled into bed. I didn't go to sleep right away, but rather played Angry Birds on my phone. hehe

Saturday morning was lazy. Then we went food shopping, via car so that hubby could pick up our CPU from friend's house. I did the dishes and then made choco-chip cookies. We went to sauna. After sauna I made pizza dough and then pizza. That led to more dirty dishes, so I washed them again.

Through the day and into the wee hours of the night, hubby and I went downstairs to the young teens a floor below (and in the studio, not directly below us) and asked them to be quiet. First time hubby asked them to turn their rave/techo music down. Second time I asked them (in English) to turn their Nightwish/Evanesance music down. The girl came to the door with her black eye make-up streaked down her face. :( And finally again at 2am, I went down a third time to ask them (in Finnish, in case she didn't understand me in English) to turn down the music and their voices as we can hear everything. In addition, after 10pm it's supposed to be quiet and I have to be up early! They've managed to keep it down for the most part today. Maybe they've made up.

Today, Sunday, was glass class. I made 24 pieces of "art". I'll try to go pick them up tomorrow after work ,but before BodyCombat. And now this evening, I am catching up on some stuff. I tried to fill out an apartment loan application for the bank that I have a meeting with next week, but the form asked us questions that we just weren't able to answer as we did not have the information. I am also making some little key-chain/phone dangley angels from beads. I am thinking I'll give them to co-workers tomorrow for Valentine's Day.

I know this coming week will be insane! Monday, I will go sign a varaussopimus with a real estate company for a paritalo we are interested in. We have until end of March to get bank crap in order and decide if we want this place (and if hubby gets a job by then). And I need to go to the gym. Tuesday I have a bank appointment to discuss how loans work and all of the crap we need to know. Wed, I pick up my wedding dress/skirt top from the seamstress (the corset thingies were broken/bent) and then run to another bank for another loan meeting. Mid-day Wednesday, I have my next doctor's appt. After work I should to dye my hair. Thursday is a somewhat normal day, but I do have a couple hour meeting at work. And then Friday I am off from work! It is Mika's defense and Karonkka day. So, I'll be at the university during the day watching his defense. Then Pirkko and I run to the hair dressers, then back to get Mika, finish getting dressed and then go to the Karonkka. Who knows how late the Karonkka will last, but I'm tired already. LOL