08 February 2011

Hormonal highs and lows

 Some days I thoroughly hate hormones! Especially when they make me terribly moody and for no reason (other than the hormones themselves) at all! At times I know I'm being irrational, but I just can't help it. And even that can make things worse. In the last few days alone I've been terribly weepy, crying, depressed-feeling and anxious among other things. I don't mean they are all at once, nor do I feel this way all the time. I have an even keel of mood and then *BAM* something triggers me and I'm off kilter.

Taking drugs (medications) to alter my body's balance for IVF treatments isn't the most fun either. Thankfully I don't seem to get many of the "common" side effects, but I guess I get enough of them to be annoying. In addition to being moody, I've been feeling quite bloated and my ovaries are sensitive. My period cramps were a bit more painful and longer lasting than normal this time around.

I've been taking Suprecur (the nose spray to gently put my ovaries to rest) for almost 2 weeks now. And it seems my body isn't quite responding to the drug as it should or intended. My ovaries are supposed to stop producing hormones and thus not produce any eggs. Well, at today's appointment the doctor saw that not only are my ovaries still working, but I have growing eggs on both ovaries!! I don't quite understand it myself. I've always been under the assumption and knowledge that a women's body generally only produces 1 egg from 1 ovary per month. Yet, here I am taking a drug to stop ovary stimulation and production of eggs and my body grows more than the norm! *shakes head in confusion*

As my hubby said, when I mentioned this to him, it sounds like my body is reacting just like I do when I'm told to do something. I protest and stubbornly continue to do what I've been told not to do even more!

The doctor did inform me that although this is rare, it does happen from time to time and not to worry. I am to continue to take the nose spray as previously. She also prescribed me some progesterone pills (not suppositories!) to take for the next 10 or so days. This is because my endometrial lining is quite thin. I believe these pills should help the lining grow thicker and be more prepared to receive fertilized eggs. The doctor did say that my body reacting this way could lead to better quality eggs. Let's hope so!

This cycle isn't a bust! I am still able to continue with IVF this month. I'm just not sure when I'll be doing injections or when harvesting and transferring will take place. All of this uncertainty of when things will happen, work and stress from looking to buy a rowhouse or duplex is making me a wreck. They are all good stresses, but stress none the less and I should be staying away from stress if possible. Doctor's orders!