30 December 2012

Four months

We survived our first xmas as a family of three. Next year has to be better and more fun. Especially since I won't have to have Paxlet on my chest in the Snugli while eating (I hope). I didn't want to lay him down on the floor/couch as there was a rambunctious untrained dog present and we left the monitor at home so Paxlet couldn't be put upstairs on the bed.

I thoroughly enjoy watching this little being grow and learn. How often does one get to see the world through the eyes of an infant where everything is so new? Sure some days are harder than others and I do get a bit frustrated at times, but those moments are thankfully fleeting, especially when Paxlet gives me a huge slobbery grin.

Weight & Length: We won't be heading in for a check up until the 8th of January, so the only figures I have are old ones. Paxlet's length from last month is 62,5 cm (24,6 in), but I do have a slightly more updated weight figure from December 12th. When we went in for his vaccinations, I asked for them to weigh him. He weighed 7 kilos 455 grams (16,4 lbs).

Sleeping: Paxlet sleeps well, once asleep, but he still isn't falling asleep on his own. While it is sometimes frustrating that he won't go to sleep on his own, he is ONLY 4 months old just now. We'll work on it and it will happen. Naps are easiest to get him down, because if all else fails, I can put him in the stroller and take him for a walk and he zonks out almost immediately.

He has also taken to needing a boob in his mouth most of the night. He isn't eating the entire time, but he needs the boob there or at least accessible when he wants it. I get more sleep too when the boob is readily available. I don't mind it so much, but my hips get sore and the position is just uncomfortable to be in for that long.
I've recently come across the term "4 month sleep regression", which I guess is what Paxlet could be going through. We don't have all the symptoms of a sleep regression, but enough and in Paxlet's own way, that I'm sure that this is what it is. My understanding of it is that due to infants going through a lot of changes right around 4 months (learning new things, new experiences, growth spurts, teething, etc.) that the sleep gets messed up. Not that ours was the greatest before, we don't get those fabled "all night sleeps" of 5 or so hours much less true all night. It doesn't bother me so much, as I can take a nap during the day if I want because I still don't have to be at work, but it sure would be nice to start getting a bit more regular sleep at night.
These two links explain quite well, in my opinion, about what is going on around 4 months regarding sleep:
Troublesome Tots - The Thing About Sleep Regressions (This is a great blog!)
KellyMom - Wakeful 4 Month Olds (good breastfeeding info)

Eating: He's a great eater! I'm planning on exclusively breast feeding until 6 months of age. I know things can change and if they need to, I'm ok with that.

Not quite eating, but it involves the mouth: Paxlet chews on everything! Toys, spit rags, clothes, towels, my hands, his hands and more. He has chewed/sucked on his hands so much that part of them are getting quite dried out. I'll need to remember to put lotion on them at night (and maybe some hand covers) to try and get them baby soft again.

Diapers: I think we're just going to be a disposable diaper family all the way. I'm too lazy and disposables are just to easy.

Clothing: He's still wearing size 60-68, although several 60's don't fit anymore and some others are getting tighter. I think I'll get to go second-hand shopping again soon!

Hair: This little boy is still pretty much bald. He's got some blond as can be short hair, but from farther away he still looks quite bald.

Personality: Paxlet is such an insanely happy baby! I know we, as parents, are quite biased, but many others have commented on this also. He's just always ready with a smile (unless he's just woken up...just like his momma). Paxlet will also let you know when he feels he's been wronged or something isn't to his liking.

Milestones & Firsts*: Not only is he following objects held in front of him, but he is noticing the entire world around him. This little boy just won't hold still. He wiggles and wiggles and turns his head to look at everything. Especially if daddy is holding him and momma is elsewhere. Paxlet has a mom-radar.

Paxlet loves it when he looks at someone and that person notices him back. But momma's attention is the best of all.

...should be able to:
on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees - this has only been happening the last week or so and not all the time

laugh out loud - this is so last month, but it doesn't mean I love it any less!

...will probably be able to:

on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms - this is a bit hit and miss. He can do it, but not consistently

reach for an object - Before and while my dad and sister were here, Paxlet was grabbing things if you gave them to him. He was also sometimes reaching out in the general direction of objects, but it was very hit and miss if he actually grabbed something. But immediately after they left, Paxlet's concentration changed and he went from haphazardly grabbing things and sometimes getting them to focused attention on what he was aiming for and more often than not grabbing what he wanted. His movements are still a bit jerky, but he's grabbing at everything!

pay attention to an object as small as a raisin - we've not tested this one, but I'm sure he could, as his attention to objects is much more acute these days.

squeal in delight - and screeching! High pitch sounds are great fun right now.

...may possibly be able to:
keep head level with body when pulled to sitting - This has been possible for some time, but nowadays it happens all the time and his head control is much better.

roll over (one way) - This has been happening for a week or two now. He rolls from his back to his front (towards the right). In the last two days he's started half rolling to the other direction. In addition to rolling, when he gets on his tummy, he can scootch forward some. He puts his butt in the air and with his face in the blanket, pushes forward. He can also push himself sideways (as of just now for the first time as I was writing this while Paxlet was playing with Mr Siili).

...may even be able to:
bear some weight on legs when held upright - he's been "standing" for some time, but he definitely has more power and strength lately. He's really pushing with his legs and standing. He'll be sofa-surfing in no time. Eeps.

object if you try to take a toy away - Oh, yes! Although, it isn't so much toys that he objects to being taken away yet as it is boobs. Toys rate on a lower scale still.

Likes: Paxlet loves going upstairs. Anytime Mr Siili or I take him upstairs, for whatever reason, he gets very happy and wiggly. I'm not sure why, but I guess he must like what is up there: showers/baths, diaper and clothes changes and bedtime.

Dislikes: Getting shots. Last time he got his vaccinations, I held Paxlet on my lap and the nurse gave him a shot in his thigh. I turned Paxlet around for the next shot, but in the mean time Paxlet told the nurse, quite vocally and angrily what he thought of that shot. It would have been cuter if he wasn't hurting from it. Then he got his second shot and really cried. I quickly got my boob out and let him eat. Paxlet would take a few sucks, then stop and tell me what he thought about the shots, drink again for a few sucks and again explain his displeasure. After a couple of times of this he finally had a smile and nicer words for me (and the nurse). We're going to have a handful with this guy!

*I've been using the What to Expect - The First Year by Heidi Murkoff for a majority of the milestones, in addition to adding events/things Mr Siili and I have noticed not mentioned in the book. I'm mostly only sharing the ones that are new this month and not repeating everything, or this post will get very long!