19 November 2012

Update - Movie night with the girls

The movie Breaking Dawn part 2 was great!! I am so glad I got to see the movie and I definitely want to see it again, but I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.

I was definitely nervous and apprehensive about leaving Paxlet home alone with Mr Siili. They did survive though. I was informed that Paxlet cried for 2 of the 4 hours (30min + 1,5hrs) I was gone. Mr Siili says he thinks Paxlet's tummy was bothering him. At least both were sleeping (for 20 minutes) when I got home.

Paxlet seemed a bit clingy the rest of that night and all of the next day. He was eating every hour to couple of hours. My breasts didn't feel like they had any milk (very flaccid and empty feeling) in them for the next 36 or so hours after I fed and pumped before going to the movie. Having Paxlet feed so often made me concerned about leaving him "alone" again so soon, so I decided to not go to my work christmas party. Even if Mr Siili did threaten me with no christmas gifts if I didn't go. Honestly, I don't need any christmas gifts this year, I have my little boy!

About the movie itself...
There were sweet/romantic moments, sappy moments, funny moments and some exciting and scary moments. My emotions were all over the place! Without giving anything away, I do want to say that I was very surprised by one part of the movie. I mean, I was very! surprised! At first when 2 things happened, I wasn't happy with it and a bit (ok, a lot) shocked, but when the third thing happened I started crying. The tears just started flowing and nothing could stop them. It was my momma instincts kicking in and all I could do was think of my little guy and I was heart broken. Thankfully that feeling didn't last long during the movie, but it sure shook me up.