21 November 2012

I knew better than to eat an entire chocolate bar

But, I did it anyway! And now I'm paying the price. The price being Paxlet crying because of an upset tummy. I've done it once before in the 3 months since he's been born, with the same results.  Doh! I really should have been better about not eating the chocolate. We were out and about today and I got hungry with only chocolate on hand. Bad me. I did have some rye bread with cheese and some carrots with me, but I ate them! And then I was still hungry. I need to remember to bring more food with me or buy some proper snack until we can get home.

There really isn't too much in the way of foods that I eat that seem to bother him. We're lucky, I know it. So far we are sure that too much chocolate does it (eating a bit of chocolate doesn't seem to do it), onions might upset his tummy and the tandoori chicken I made at home from a pre-made sauce REALLY upset his tummy. Also, the one time I ate sweet potato, it gave me gas and it seemed Paxlet had issues too. I know some of the gassy, fussy issues a baby has can be just due to an immature digestive tract. But for the time being, I should definitely remember the few things that bother my boy and try to stay away from them for everyone's sake.