05 October 2012

Oh, For Fuck's Sake - Friday

This week has been one of those weeks and I feel the need to let it out. So, I'm linking up with Sarah's For Fuck's Sake Friday over at Dear Baby G. It just so happens to be the one year anniversary too.

Without further ado, here are some things that have chapped my hide this week.

Paxlet got his first cold at the start of the week. FFS

I think one of his cousins gave it to him. FFS

This cold has Paxlet's nose stuffed up and therefore he doesn't sleep too well at night. FFS

It also means I don't get much sleep either. FFS

Last night was particularly bad and I ended up in tears from my tiredness and frustration with Paxlet's crying/screaming. FFS

At our housing council meeting this week we learned that the nice little forest across the road from us will be turned into a 5 story apartment building sometime in the near-ish future. So much for the peaceful view and mushroom picking. FFS

My right ankle still aches from my fall on Sunday. FFS

I didn't get an appointment with the doctor until Monday. It's my fault for not calling before today. FFS

There was a notice in the mail today that a package had arrived for me. I went to pick it up and it was from my cousin. She passed on the knitted items my mom made for her oldest boy. No FFS

Now along with being tired, I'm also consciously thinking about my mom and missing her. FFS

Dear Baby G