21 September 2012

3 weeks old

Our little boy is now three weeks old (and one day, because I didn't get this posted yesterday)! I don't think I'm ready to say that it feels like he's been with us forever yet, but he's been here long enough that I definitely can't and don't want to imagine my life without him.

It's amazing how much Paxlet's growing and changing already.There's just so much I am enjoying watching and trying to take it all in.

Sometimes we get a decent amount of sleep during the night and other times he is awake for 2 to 2,5 hour stretches at a time. A couple of nights ago was one of those awake for several hours at a time. It was rough. I wonder if the chocolate I had eaten was giving him an upset stomach? So, I've tried cutting out chocolate (and onions) for a bit to see if that helps. Thankfully, those rough nights aren't every night.

My nipples aren't as sore as they were in the beginning. But the last few days, Paxlet has been clamping on quite hard and my nipples are a bit sore again. I'm so glad he's eating well and enjoying his food, but would it hurt him to be a bit nicer to his momma? LOL

Paxlet also gets very impatient if the nipple comes out of his mouth while feeding. He will grunt and root around for the nipple like crazy until he gets it back in his mouth. And when he does get it back, he makes a huge production of opening his mouth VERY wide and CHOMPING on the nipple so it won't get away again. He does not like to have his meal interrupted. I know how he feels.

I've thought about pumping, but that's as far as I've gotten. I just have no idea how to go about it. When is the best time to pump? How much should I try to pump? Is there any thing else I should know? I guess I could ask my friend, but again, I just haven't gotten that far.

Mr Siili was commenting just the other day about how much stronger his neck (it doesn't flop around as much as it did the first few days), legs and arms are (Paxlet's really kicking and waving his limbs around).

I also notice the boy looking, staring really, very intently at my face. Just last night, Paxlet was intently watching something behind me. We think he was noticing the light reflecting off the glass doors of a cupboard. Whatever it was, it was very interesting. We've also noticed that he is making more voluntary coos, grunts and other cute baby sounds.

Paxlet has already grown out of one newborn outfit. If I had cut the feet off, we could have used it a bit longer. But the feet were cute little froggies and I just couldn't do that to the outfit. Instead, we loaned it to a friend who is due in a week. There are a couple more newborn onsies and outfits that we've got to wear in the very near future (and take more pictures) before he's outgrown them also.

Mr Siili has been teaching Paxlet what his shoulders, elbows, hands, feet, etc are in Finnish. Mr Sili has also been singing some songs to the boy. I think I recognize the tune, although the words are made up. It's pretty cute to hear this.

I've also read the boy two books so far. His first ever book was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I remember asking my grandmother over and over to read this to me every time we visited. The second book I read him was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Even though I only have this book in Chinese, I've read it enough times to know the idea of it to tell it myself. (I did find the book read and animated on Youtube. Very cute!)

My emotions
Hormones are still playing a part in my moods, but I don't find them getting the best of me as often. I still cry easily, especially at sappy or sad things on TV. I do get more frustrated and in tears during middle of the night feedings sometimes. But over all, I think of myself as very happy when it comes to Paxlet. Being able to get out of the house and go for walks or downtown on the bus helps. Also, having two friends and my mother-in-law over earlier this week helped too.