02 January 2011

Happy New Year

Almost a month has passed since my first IVF treatment failed. I'm awaiting AF again. Thankfully this time I'm not too emotional, yet.

I did receive my letter from the clinic about how to proceed. I am in line for another round of IVF treatment. I will need to call before the end of the month to confirm that I want to continue to be in line.
Their estimated retrieval date is week 10 (Beg of March?).

I emailed my friend who had endo and asked what she did to help herself conceive. The following things are what she told me:
1. Acupuncture - to help control endo symptoms, then when TTC it was used to stimulate O and help with implantation. She also had acupuncture to help prevent miscarriage, then to deal with pregnancy symptoms and finally to induce labor.

2. Raspberry leaf tea. She heard about chasteberry, but I don't think she used it. She also head about Vit E being useful (but she didn't use any supplements). She did try eating a higher fat diet, more whole milk and avocados. Apparently dairy fat is useful in this one instance. Ice cream!

3. Mayan womb massage (I'd love more info about this).

4. She also said that they had decided to adopt. Her words: It's kind of a cruel truth that stress makes it harder and the more you want it the harder it is.

I'm going to look into acupuncture next. I believe one of my friends here in town has gone to someone, so I'll ask for a referral. Here's to hoping for a better year!