16 August 2010

3rd week of holiday

Yup, that's right. Today starts my 3rd week of summer holiday this year. The weather is nice (and yes, I am still inside) and again I don't have much planned, yet.

Yesterday  marked 1 month of Kantti's passing. Hubby and I are still a bit sad, but coping.

To get this holiday started, I went to see Inception with a co-worker. Before the movie, we had a quick dinner at Jack the Rooster. Yummy food! While waiting to order our food, we noticed that this coming Saturday (Aug 21) there will be a live Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute by Ville Tuomi (Suburban Tribe). We are going!

Sunday I went to Särkänniemi with another co-worker. We used our free entrance ticket (from work) and then paid the difference (24€) for the bracelet. I went on 14 rides!! Only the swings made me feel a bit nauseous. (It's that going round and round only that does it.) The weather was perfect and the company too! It only took me 11 years to go to the amusement park (outside of the Dolpinarium) and now I've been there twice this summer. Hehe

As for future plans this week, I need to get my rear in gear today and take my bike to the shop to see if they can help me get mud flaps on it and also see about getting a different seat. The one that came with it gives me camel toes like nothing else. Painful!

Also planned for today is a Skype date with my mom. :)

I'm thinking about going to Pori to visit my mother-in-law for a day or two. We'd most likely end up going to Yyteri (beach) for a swim and some sun. Not sure if Rusty will join me on the trip or not. Hubby will be working (sort of).

Thursday early evening I've got plan with 9 other co-workers to go bowling. We're scheduled for 1 hour for sure, but some of us might stick around for 2 hours.

Saturday is the RHCP thing and also a possible PostCrossing meeting during the day. Not sure what is going on with that yet, but we'll see.

Aunt Flow (period) showed her face early this morning. So, I'll be calling the fertility clinic today to get this next cycle rolling. This will be our last round of IUI and if it doesn't work, IVF will be our next step.

That's my week in a nutshell.