13 January 2013

Moving to WordPress

I've finally gone and done it! I've moved blog to WordPress. There are still a few things to work out, but for the most part, I'm slowly getting the hang of it and I'm decently happy with how it looks.

It is still the same old Battlefish, just with a new URL. If you'd like to keep following me, please find me at http://rowan6.wordpress.com/.

The biggest reason for moving to WordPress is the ability to make some posts private, while leaving the rest public. With the private posts, I think I'll be more willing to share some pictures of Paxlet. If you follow me and would like to see private posts, email me at jsththr @ gmail and I'll let you know the password for them.

09 January 2013

Tapioca pudding: it was just so yummy, I couldn't help myself

Yesterday, Paxlet had his 4 month check up. He weighed in at 7 kilos and 935 grams (~17,5 pounds) and measured 65 centimeters (25,6 inches). When the doctor did her examination of him, she checked his moro reflex. Let me just say that Paxlet hated that, with a passion!! He screamed worse than bloody murder and even when I picked him up to try and calm him, it took me longer than normal. When he was laid back down to continue the exam, he started crying and then screaming again. After the exam was over and I was dressing him up, he didn't want to be laying in my lap, but more so, he kept twisting his head and body to see where the doctor was. Paxlet also told the doctor what he thought of her. It's pretty cute in a sad sort of way. I don't think he wanted that lady anywhere near him.

Today I had a quick doctor's appointment. I was in with the doctor maybe 8 minutes total. At around 12 weeks of Paxlet's age (he'll be 19 weeks tomorrow), I started noticing some white-ish/yellow-ish discharge. It sometimes smells/smelled a bit, but nothing alarming. Also, I have had no other symptoms. No itching, fever, rash, bad smell, tenderness, etc. I wasn't too worried about it, but it was something different than what I am used to and what I've had before. So, I made an appointment to get it checked out. The doctor said all looks healthy and normal. If anything changes I'm to go back. I'm thinking this is just my 'new normal'.

After the doctor's appointment this morning, when Paxlet and I got home, I made some tapioca pudding. As soon as it was ready and in the fridge to cool, we left home again to go to our weekly Wednesday mom & kid group. Then, when we got home in the afternoon, I ate my half of the tapioca. (The box says one batch makes 6 1/2 cup servings.) I ate a bit of lunch, changed Paxlet's diaper, twice and played online a bit. I then decided that I had to eat the other half of the tapioca. I mean, I just couldn't stand the idea of Mr Siili eating it in front of me this evening and me not having any to eat. Plus, what he doesn't know (that I made tapioca) won't hurt him, right?! Bad me! LOL

07 January 2013

2013 request

Can I make a request of all of my readers/commenters so early on in 2013?  Often I read your comments on my posts and would LOVE to send you a reply via email but your email is not listed on your webpage.
Pretty please with a cherry on top could you update your profile/about me/etc to show your email address?

(If i ever get around to figuring Wordpress out, I'll be able to get emails automatically via their comment generator.)

(Thanks KT at Non Sequitur Chica for the words.)